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A Former U.S. President Wearing a Newt Aloha Shirt

George H.W. Bush – Although currently unavailable, perhaps one of our most popular Aloha Shirts was the Fern Aloha Shirt. With its soft understated tropical pattern, Hawaiian styling evocative of the 1940s, suggesting simple ferns moving in the trade winds… its popularity depleted our stock… a favorite among many people in public and private life.

Legacy Posts

Lights, Camera, Action!

Take Two – Manager of the Newt store at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel (where they sell these famed hats) wasn’t too surprised one day when he received a call from Warren Beatty who asked for a size 8 Fedora. Jim sent two to the film star. Beatty picked out the least expensive. Only $450 bucks…

— Eddie Sherman 4/13/2005

Columnist Eddie Sherman is published weekly in the MidWeek. Read the full article by clicking here

Legacy Posts

Panama Hats and the Economy…

It struck me that Hawai’i’s economy would benefit substantially if men started wearing Panama hats again. Look what happened when aloha shirts caught on. Let us, therefore, take a another look at Panama hats… starting with Newt at the Royal

Article by beloved Hawai’i journalist Bob Krauss, March 2, 2003, in the Honolulu Advertiser. Read the full article by clicking here