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We’ve Only Just Begun

3.3.19 Another start to another day at Newt at the Royal . It was so wonderful to be able to wish this young beautiful couple a new beginning. We get to witness this quite a bit… It never gets old… the day was beautiful and they were both taken by the fact that I acknowledged the Orange waistband. We wish them the best of Luck may they always be Happy In Love.

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The Panama Hat Book

DID YOU KNOW? – In the book “Panama, a Legendary Hat” Newt in Honolulu is listed among the most prestigious international hatters – Gelot or Motsch in Paris, Herbert Johnson or Lock & Company in London and Borsalino in Milan that provide a selection of the notable Sombreros Montecristi.

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Hawaii Travelogue on Senior Women Web

At the shop, Newt at the Royal, located on the grounds of the elegant Royal Hawaiian Hotel, we met hatter extraordinaire Jim Tomasi. Tomasi knows all there is about the fine straw hats known as Panama’s that are really from Ecuador. Prices range from $300 to $7,500 depending upon the weave. I tried on a $575 rakish number that was heaven but unlike Warren Beatty and William Hurt, I left mine behind.

Sue Purdy is a freelance writer specializing in travel, food, and lifestyle topics. Read the full article by clicking here

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Newt in Honolulu Magazine’s Popular “Best of Honolulu” Issue.

If you need something classier than a baseball cap, head here…. “There’s an art to fitting a hat.” Tomasi says he’s selling an increasing number to 20-somethings who appreciate the style. “As a young man is walking out of the store with a hatbox under his arm, I like to say to them, there’s hope for your generation.”

Best of Honolulu March 2010. Read the full article here.

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Where did you get that hat, Henry?

PEOPLE IN PARADISE: That was singer Seal (of “Kiss From a Rose” fame), his model wife Heidi Klum and their kids …stopped by Newt in the Village; Seal and oldest son Henry left as proud owners of Panama hats. Seal’s hat size, like his persona, is impressive at 7 and 7/8, said Jim Tomasi of Newt. While trying on hats, Seal and Klum serenaded each other with a sweet duet with lines that go, “Where did you get that hat, Henry? Isn’t it a jolly one! I would like a hat just like that, Henry.” …

SHOW BIZ 8/23/2009

Show Biz by columnist Wayne Harada is published in the Honolulu StarAdvertiser.