“The Newt” – Handwoven Montecristi Panama Hat


The “Newt’ has a universal appeal and is a perfect hat to start your hat collection. Its classic Continental-style creased crown is surrounded by a black grosgrain 14 ligne ribbon.

The “Newt’ is sold only with phone consultation prior to sale to insure correct fit and brim width for facial structure. We’ll reach out to you by email to schedule a call you after you place your order to review and confirm the fit of your new hat.

You will also receive a traditional hat box with your purchase for safe transport and a lifetime of storage, as well as booklet with history, care, and handling instructions.

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Join generations of distinguished owners of the world’s most respected hat — the handwoven straw Sombreros Montecristi from Ecuador. The crème de la crème of classic Panama hats have always been woven in Ecuador, in and around the ancient hill town of Montecristi. Today, there are few master artisans remaining who are capable of weaving a fine Sombreros Montecristi — such as ‘The Newt’ offered by Newt at the Royal. Each hat is a painstaking work of art. It can take several months to craft a fino-grade Panama, using only the finest Toquilla palm fronds split into thin strands — all by hand. When completed, the weave feels more like silk or linen than straw. With proper care, your new Panama hat will last a lifetime.


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