Our Security & Privacy Policy

When you order from our website your payment information and other personal information is secure and protected. Newtattheroyal.com uses the most secure 256-bit encrypted SSL technology available to ensure that when your order is transmitted to our online payment processor it is totally private, safe and secure, and your transaction is safe from prying eyes. Once your transaction has been processed, the personal and private payment information is stripped for security reasons before being sent to us. Newt At The Royal never sees or stores your payment information. On occasion customers will email or call us, place an order and tell to use the payment information on file. We are unable to do that because we DO NOT receive or store your personal payment information. All of our computer systems are protected by firewalls to prevent unauthorized entry to the data contained in our computers. Once your order is received by us it is stripped of you private payment information thus protecting you further. You may feel secure and confident when placing your order with online that we are doing everything possible to guarantee your security and privacy.

Newt At The Royal believes in your absolute privacy. WE NEVER GIVE, SELL OR RELEASE ANY INFORMATION ABOUT OUR CUSTOMERS. We DO add you to our own internal email database so we can contact you about your order. We also add those customers who consent to our Newsletter and Promotions database (by checking the box “I wish to receive the Newsletter”).

January 4, 2019